Can we please get a realistic shipping date?

I get it COVID, shortages… etc. Everyone understands what is going on right now, but every month saying you are going to ship, then changing it to the next month… when inevitably you don’t ship again, just sucks.

Just get together as a team and come up with a realistic shipping date (even if it’s next year) I honestly wouldn’t care that much… would appreciate a realistic date then to be strung along like this.

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It’s already covered in the other thread:

They already did what they can. Just another hiccup in the shipping phase. More updates to come in the thread whenever possible. That should clarify things for you.


Under the circumstances, I think frequent communications are the most I can ‘realistically’ expect… things change week to week.

Public target dates may lead to unrealized expectations and negative reaction…

I’m more in favor of zero-hype, sincere transparency… and being pleasantly ‘surprised’ when we hear things are ready to ship.