Are We Shipping yet?

Hi folks, I signed up for a DevTerm last year when the shipping date was predicted to be ‘around April’ this year, and now we’ve come and gone - and I’m just wondering if anyone has any news about when the DevTerm will finally ship? And, if its going to be soon - what should we expect - an update email about it, bills being fulfilled, and so on?


we should know more tomarrow
and welcome @torpor


I will… uh… just leave this here:

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But also, hopefully…



@yong explain everything why it takes a long time to receive the devterm in this thread : DevTerm Production Status Update - #60 by yong


I thought this was initially an aggressive demand, asking Yong to explain himself - but upon reading it again, I think it’s more of a statement saying, “Yong has explained any potential shipment delays due to logistical problems in this thread”

Also, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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yeah… its a bummer. but its is beyond their control.
Like when stuff gets stuck in canada? unions must be on strike again.
dont get me started on brexit…

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I’m sorry if my answer look a little bit aggressive :confused: Is not the goal

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Took them long after the last update to fix this

Mothertrucker. July 2021. Sigh.

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I’m asking my post office to hold all my mail till i get back from vacation… so i might not get it till after. so i wont be able to with it till then. but hey. im still support a small team with a dream and i eventually get a cool device.

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Sorta wish they would just set a realistic date even if it’s 6 months from now. We don’t even have a video of this thing working, I think until we see a video of this thing actually in action, it’s not coming out anytime soon, 3-6 months at least.

I’d love to be proven wrong as I preordered mine in November and I love my Gameshell, but there needs to be more communication, instead of just pushing the date every month.

They are TRYING to be realistic…we all thought covid was over… the china flares up again:
"Cities in China’s most populous province of Guangdong have locked down compounds and streets and ordered some travellers to furnish negative COVID-19 test results, as health officials battle to control outbreaks.

All 10 of China’s locally confirmed mainland cases on June 1 were in southern Guangdong, the National Health Commission said on Wednesday, seven in the provincial capital of Guangzhou and three in the nearby city of Foshan.

China’s manufacturing and export hub and its biggest province by economic output, Guangzhou has stepped up coronavirus prevention and control efforts since the latest wave of cases struck in late May.

It has reported 41 locally confirmed cases between May 21 and June 1, and Foshan six cases."

we all need to just chillout and relax…
I dont know about the rest of yall… but I literally spent the last 18 months in quarintine…
Im pretty sure we are ALL restless…


This is just sad. Ordered it in April and hoping it will be shipped in June as it said. I was checking my email every day until I saw this trend and the website.

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same. ordered in april, still waiting. even upgraded my kit in the mean time. but i’ve used this time to engage the community more… everyday on the discord and forums. welcome @Parsifal09

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I live in Guangzhou. Many area has finished the third (or even fifth, in some area) covid mass check. And ready for unlock, though I think the factory would be unlock a little bit later.

Guangzhou have 4 new confirmed cases yesterday. It’s necessary to fully check where the source of infection because Covid Delta is spread too fast in large society.

I’m also waiting for my order, but due to some import case. At this time, Safety first.


As much as I’d love to have it asap, this stuff happens. Anyone in the mechanical keyboard hobby has had this happen a time or two.

It’s better to wait a bit for a finished product than to rush a bad one!


This happens with most every hobby that requires anything specialty (which is most of them).
I’ve seen this happen with even LEGOs.

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If COVID19 is the reason for the delay, we may not have any chance. Because new Delta variation of COVID19 is spreading in china including the place DevTerm is produced.

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They already announced about that and announced that it should ship in july.

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