DevTerm Shipping and First Impressions Thread

Hello! Let’s start a thread to communicate when we get our DevTerms and our first impressions. So far: Preorder date Feb 10, no updates on shipping, and still excited. When it arrives, I’ll post back. When did you preorder?

I pre-ordered it last December.

I pre-ordered at December too.

Preordered 11/20/20.

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I preordered on late January.

Not yet, would preorder in few days later, after my last credit bills comes out.

But I’m wondering when I can get playing video of a real product. Really exciting about that.

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preordered jan 24th, waiting patiently!

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preordered nov 25th, being concerned about the lack of updates^^

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Ordered in early January here, still excited. It’s reminding me of some portables I used in the 90s from HP and Casio. I’m going to order the batteries and some thermal paper when we have more of an idea about shipment.

Preordered on Dec 8th, 2020. Haven’t gotten any emails about shipping yet, but I do come and check the homepage every couple of days to see if the “Will be shipped before April 2021.” has changed in any way. =)

Ordered Nov. 29 when I was a bit drunk.


Preorder late Nov 2020.

Pre-ordered on November 20th, waiting patiently!

I hope we get an opportunity to confirm/change our shipping address, or that there is some notice before the DevTerm is shipped!

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I am worried about that, too. The day after I placed my order, I realized that they still had the old apartment number from my last order (the Gameshell) and I changed units since. I emailed their biz@ address on Feb 10 and never got a reply.

Send them an email if you need to change your address.

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I’ve got a similar problem. He mentioned emailing them at biz@, where should we be sending questions about orders?

Not sure where you got that email.
Their normal email for support is

I got it from my receipt Email :slight_smile: Forwarded the change of address request to the help@ address.

Yeah, it’s concerning to me there is no video of this product working… and we are 16 days away from the date these are shipping… or should have been shipped.

They still have two weeks to keep promises, but … Yeah I too am nervous.

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