CanisMinor Skin


  1. SSH into your Gameshell
  2. $ cd skins && git clone && cd gameshell-skin-canisminor && bash ./
  3. Change your menu items’ name or the skin icons’ name
  4. On your Gameshell, go to Settings -> Themes, scan and select “CanisMinor”




Very nice job! Simple and classy.

Hi I’m having some trouble installing the theme. I put the skin folder under home/cpi/skins and then selected it, but my screen keeps running on the “Loading…” screen and won’t boot up! Please help! Thank you!


cat /tmp/x.log

to see what is missing

Have you modified any of the launcher menu items at all, be it names, locations, or even deleting/adding items? In particular the numbers at the beginning of each item is important.

In retrospect, I think I know what your problem could be. From memory, the folder name for the emulators was just “emulators” or “games” or something. Now it’s “Retro Games”, meaning that it was potentially referencing files/folders that no longer exist.

If you want, I can do some minor edits to the files in order to get them to work? That said it might be worthwhile to ask permission from the author first.

I modified the canis minor skin slightly. You should just be able to decompress the archive, and move it to the skins directory.

One thing that the original release did upon using the installation script is modify the /home/cpi/launcher/ contents, replacing it with its own.
This is strange, considering it could achieve the same thing, simply putting the files in /skins/canisminor/sys.pygameshell/wallpaper
I’ve also renamed/moved some of the icons, seeing as they’re not using conventional file location, structures or names. This should match up better to a stock 0.5 theme.