Can't find PCSX bios location


Basically title. Trying to put in a new bios for mgs, but can’t find the location.


What I did was make a new folder called bios and then changed the directories of the emulator to go to said folder for the bios


I don’t see the option to change the directory. Are you using the default PCSX that came installed with the system?


I am using retroarch with the pcsx rearmed core found on these forums because its more optimized for the gameshell


in retroarch you are able to change the directory


By default BIOS file should be in the same folder where game file located.

You can change it in Retroarch:
Settings > Directory > System/BIOS


PCSX still uses HLE even though I have the bios in the same folder as MGS and the directory set in RetroArch.


Are you using the correct BIOS file? (…1001)

/home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/Pcsx/bios

If there’s not a bios dir, create one in Pcsx and place .bin within the new dir.


This was the answer I was looking for. So I put my ps1 bios into a folder and then tried to move it into the correct directory through ssh. Still no success. I continue to get the no bios error. Here is the way I moved it.

cp -a /home/cpi/games/ps1/bios/.  /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/Pcsx/bios/


::EDIT:: The bios file has to be all lower case(scph1001.bin)! Thanks everyone for the help!


Someone can correct me if i’m wrong, but I think it’s just the .bin part that must be lowercase for it to register. Either way, glad you got it working! PS1 emulation has been by far my favorite part.