Help needed. PSX games no longer run

Hello everyone,

While customising the folders in retro games I’ve gone ahead and deleted everything in the original PCSX folder in the launcher directory, and created a new one with a new action.config, setup for the correct folder locations for my roms and the emulator file.

I replaced the pcsx file in apps/emulators with ‘’ and created a bios folder in the same folder as the action.config and placed the scph1001.bin in it.

Now when I go into retro games and select the folder I’ve created for my ps1 games all the titles are showing, and I can select them. When they run however, they are excruciatingly slow to the point of unplayable. Previously I was able to run all my games perfectly.

Can a kind and helpful soul tell me where I have gone wrong?

You put the BIOS in the wrong place.

Make a folder called BIOS in /home/cpi/

And set your BIOS directory to that folder inside of retroarch.

I had set the current folder of the bios in retroarch previously, i didnt get a no bios error so i figured it was working. In any case by complete accident I appear to have found a solution a moment ago. I deleted the existing emulator files, and had the gameshell download and set them up again - everything is working flawlessly now. Very confusing but I won’t complain.

I think ill give modifying things a rest now. Thanks for the help though, appreciate it.