Cellular antennas included?

I was wondering when ordering with 4G, as it has 3 Antenna connectors if the antennas are included, and if the gps actually is functional.


Primary, Rx-diversity, GNSS​ ports are likely for experimentation. those technologies are likely supported by the radios internal antenna


It has to be external antennas as the metal shell is going to block the RF of any internal antennas. This is the same reason why we have an external wifi antenna.

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I didn’t think about that with the metal casing :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:. I was buying these wifi adapters for the Libre computer boards since they don’t have onboard wifi. They don’t take up a ton of space and are dirt cheap. Might feel awkward with a wifi stub on the console, but who knows? Might need to start another thread to share our setups. I am curious to see how people mod theirs. If worse comes to worst, they might share the 3D files to print plastic cases.

Any other thoughts?

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That wifi adapter would nicely blend in if you got the black casing. Hopefully the on-board wifi with external antenna suits your application.

Of course we should have a thread for our mods :fire:


Thanks everyone for the replies, but it does not answer my question if antennas are included or not.

Looks like it has hole for antennas to stick outside of metal body, I think they should include antennas if buyer bought LTE module.

(However this is only my guess, take it with grain of salt… I don’t think they will not include antennas and let user complain on forum after get things on hand, that would be silly for themselves.)