Did anyone notice the antenna?

屏幕快照 2022-12-24 07.56.16
屏幕快照 2022-12-24 07.57.01

Because the shell is completely metal, so the antenna extends out and sticked outside. It looks not very elegent, and it’s a little easier to be damaged.

Maybe we could cover it with a plastic shell locally?

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I did not notice this. I agree with you about a plastic shell and im sure there will be something in the community eventually ill be happy to finally get the uconsole in my hands in general

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I’ll probably secure mine with a drop or two of clear adhesive. Wondering what will go in the option bay if you don’t buy the cell phone module.


I think there is already an adhesive pad attached to the wire - looks like it will be fine. Not sure how much an aluminum case attenuates 2.4 and 5 gHz…

I’d love to upgrade this to one of those extendable metal antennas. It’d be an easy mod.

hmm radio antenna right? not sure if it works with the wifi band.
I’d recommend adding a standard SMA socket so you can choose from a lot of compatible ones, or scrap one from a router.

edit: something like this:



I’m not an engineer but if the current antenna is just a short length of wire sticking out of the case, I would imagine this also would work since it’s just a long piece of metal.

You’ll have to consider the resistance of the metal against the wifi frequencies (2.4G/5G, narrow band). This is unlike the radio antennas which are happy with lower frequency (100MHz)

Sticking a 100M antenna to a 2.4G device would effectively sink all signal inside the metal.


Here is both feed through and antenna…

but I’ve used a travel router in my Pi box…

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Fair point. I’ll follow your suggestion and find an antenna rated for Wifi.

Most of it. Aluminum laptops put the antennas behind, or beside the display because of this.