Charging my GameShell

Hey there,

I’ve recently get my GameShell and I’m wandering what type of adaptater between my USB A to USB Micro and a power socket. I’m in europe (France). (Maybe there is another way to charge my GameShell too ?)
I’m actually using an adaptater from a VERY OLD sony mobile phone (I think)

I’m pretty ignorant for this kind of thing so I’m sorry if it’s a very stupid question. :slight_smile:

Thanks !

There was a really similar post very recently. I’ll just link it here, since there was some very useful discussion included.

As for the country, your transformer should output a standardised 5 Volts over USB, regardless of your country’s voltage. It’s the current that will be different, and essentially determine how fast your gameshell charges. Older chargers would just have a lower wattage, thus would charge if slower.
You could also charge it from your computer’s USB port. Basically, if you can charge a phone with it, you can also charge a Gameshell.


My savior haha.

I have not seen this post before, sorry. And also thank you to share the link with me.
Ok I understand now, thanks again for all the informations ! :slight_smile: