Tinkering with Menu - CPI does not load UI



Hello fellow Clockworkers -

I was tinkering with my CPI - got it with custom content, but when modifying the Menu entries / folders, I think I deleted the wrong file -

Now CPI does not start the UI - screen is frozen at “LOADING” - the machine is there as I can ssh through and WinSCP to it.

I suspect the boot routine is waiting to load “something” that does not exist.

Do I have to download the ROM image and try to restore the Menu in the home directory? Has anyone gone through this?

Many thanks in advance, C-M


If you deleted some launcher file: https://github.com/clockworkpi/launcher

git pull the launcher and should be ok.


Many thanks! I was looking for this and could not find it -

I followed the 10_Settings->Update script logic, but can’t run init.py using python3 thru ssh

blows up at line 133 - it’s expecting a parameter- another mystery to sort out on the weekend