Tinkering with Menu - CPI does not load UI

Hello fellow Clockworkers -

I was tinkering with my CPI - got it with custom content, but when modifying the Menu entries / folders, I think I deleted the wrong file -

Now CPI does not start the UI - screen is frozen at “LOADING” - the machine is there as I can ssh through and WinSCP to it.

I suspect the boot routine is waiting to load “something” that does not exist.

Do I have to download the ROM image and try to restore the Menu in the home directory? Has anyone gone through this?

Many thanks in advance, C-M

If you deleted some launcher file: https://github.com/clockworkpi/launcher

git pull the launcher and should be ok.

Many thanks! I was looking for this and could not find it -

I followed the 10_Settings->Update script logic, but can’t run init.py using python3 thru ssh

blows up at line 133 - it’s expecting a parameter- another mystery to sort out on the weekend

launcher is made by python 2.x

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thanks @guu - I realised this after I posted the message before - I can’t downgrade the Python install on my PC (I use it for work as well)

Ended up reloading a burned image for the SD card!

just in case

you can upgrade debian to buster to use python3.6.5+

Python 3.5.5 is ok with it. I’m using it normally. https://vidmate.onl/vmate/

Most linux distros have both of them installed. Can be called via python2 or python3. Or you could just set up virtual environments per project with the correct Python version.

For some reason, the bullets are showing as menu items rather than the actual menu in the example. I am properly missing something fairly easy but can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. I haven’t deviated from the example at all. Also, I have never had any problems with any JQuery code in the past.