CM3 Kernel build failed

As above screenshot, patch failed.
Please show me which part should I look into ?

I’ve checked , the code has new commits since the patch made

git clone
git checkout remotes/origin/rpi-4.19.y
git reset --hard cc39f1c9f82f6fe5a437836811d906c709e0661c
git apply devterm-4.19_v0.1.patch

need to reset to specific commit hash


Thank you. It worked and compiled successfully.
I now am trying to build arm64 kernel, because I need to run Deno on DevTerm.
I wish DevTerm team supports arm64 kernel based D.T image in someday. (hopefully soon)

The problem is Raspbian is not 64bit and is probably not going to be 64bit by default any time soon

Yes. so I did tests with Ubuntu aarch64 distribution.
Actually I just figure out that 64bit kernel + 32bit Ubuntu server distribtution didn’t boot up.
(Probably I didn something wrong, but anyway it failed. )

Now I’ll try to test another combination ( 64bit customized kernel + 64bit Ubuntu server distribution for RPi)

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