CM4 adapter board with USB 3.0

Hello everyone,

I need help from someone that knows a litle kicad.

I found online this SODIMM to CM4 adapter board:

but it looks like half the pins are mapped wrong, compared with the uConsole’s CM4 adapter board schematics. This would have to be fixed.

My idea was to make a new adapter CM4 adapter board that adds a USB C 3.0 port to the uConsole, by using the same PCIe XHCI controller chip in used in the raspberry pi 4b: VL805 and connecting it to the PCIe bus the same way. then extending the adapter board to the expansion edge of the case, to expose a USB-C connector. Something like this:

so i was thinking i could modify the adapter board above to do this. but i lack the skills using kicad. Anyone wants to help out?


It would be nice to break out the pcie to a connector that way you could pick what port you wanted via swapping the expansion board. The same cm4 adapter could be used with ethernet, sata, nvme, or usb3 depending on the users need. I need to learn more about kicad.

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Yea a nice alternative would be to use the same PCIe conmection type they are using on the Raspberry Pi 5:

There may be some PCIe boards made for the PI 5 that would fit somewhere inside the uConsole, for a nVME for example