USB 3.0 or PCIe?


I’m considering getting the uconsole with cm4. But am wondering if there are any add on boards that leverages the USB3 or the PCIe capabilities?

Look for expansion cards on this forum, someon has made a couple including usb

Most seems to be USB2.0 based. Maybe i missed it, but I haven’t come across one that is USB3… If I’m not mistaken, the pi4 supports USB3. The on board USB-A connector is also 2.0. Wondering if there is a reason why a USB3 port wasn’t implemented on the onboard connector….

The USB3 pins on the CM4 are not connected through the adapter board. So the main board is limited to the USB2. The main board was designed for a CM3 unit.

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As far as I know, the SoC on the Raspberry Pi 4 and related boards (400, CM4) does not have USB 3.0 but it offers a PCIe lane. The Pi4 and 400 have a separate interface chip that uses that PCIe lane for the USB 3 ports on those boards. An extension board for the uConsole would need a chip like that to offer the same.


The PCIe interface on the CM4 adapterboad is not connected (see scemetic on git), this means you can not use this on a expansion card in the uconsole unless a different adapter card is designed and made to work white it.