CM4 to CM3 Converter Adapte

CM4 to CM3 Converter Adapte

I tried it, and it worked.


External monitor


That is good news, thank you for sharing! Which adapter did you use? And which operating system image, and did you need to configure specially? Also, which model of CM4 did you use?

Brand: Geekworm IO board


Lord OK Display × Outside the display → OK

This is awesome news. This is so exciting! Does the back case still fit? (I would be really grateful if you could post photos.)

I would also be interested in seeing photos, additional instructions to get it up and running, and or gaps/workarounds/limitations as well.

Do most CM4 images work with the devterm hardware out of box?

@YUTA do you mind walking us through the process of making it work?
Do all USB terminals work? what about the thermal printer?

I didn’t have much success with the Gumstix Raspberry Pi CM4 Uprev.

Thanks in advance

I tried the Geekworm today. I can confirm it fits in the case just fine with no clearance issues. I can also confirm that with the standard image the internal screen is not working. I didn’t have a cable/monitor to hand so couldn’t test an external screen to see what was going on. But I can confirm I also don’t have the expertise to figure out how to make it work! So I’m waiting on somebody smart…


I got the adapter, but NO pin 1 indicated. What is the correct orientation for the cm4 module, since it can fit in EITHER way?