[CM4/xfce_64] I cannot turn off my DevTerm using the power button

I upgraded my DevTerm to CM4 from CM3.
And the ‘DevTerm_CM4_v0.3e_xfce_64bit.img’ image is working well for me.
By the way, I have a problem with the power button.

When I push the button it turns on (green LED).
but after booting the system, I cannot turn it off using the button including long pressed (~15 secs).
It looks like the OS ignored the button.
After all, I turn off it using ‘sudo poweroff’ command or ‘Shut down’ menu.

Updating a keyboard firmware did not fix the problem.
How can I make working the button?
Or should I make some program code for it?

I would appreciate it if you help me.

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