Devterm does not power on at all

Just came in today, lucky me I thought to receive it (a month late) on Christmas Eve. Assembled gently and by the book, not my first rodeo, got it together with some fully juiced 18650s aaaaaand the power button flashes once and the system does absolutely nothing else. Continuing to hold the button does nothing. Connecting to USB-C power from multiple different sources does nothing. The fan does not spin a millimeter and there isn’t a single decibel of sound.

Pretty furious, frankly. I’ve built a lot of computers, but I don’t begin to know where to troubleshoot this. Power seems connected as firmly as it can be, obviously SOME is getting through to light up that single brief flash, but… what the hell??

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Took some deep breaths, browsed the forum without purpose, and found my answer. I had the CM4 in upside down. This is very embarrassing, but may my mistake present a solution to a future frustrated person who’s being silly.

Please though, do update the manual. There isn’t a page for slotting the CM4 into the converter board and it’s not intuitive to install it upside down as the correct orientation.

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Hey thats good advice because I purchased a R-01 and the CM4 adapter board - hope it didn’t fry the CM4 board… and Merry Christmas! enjoy your clockwork - I have one of the originals and carried it everywhere - looking forward to the smaller uConsole - also look up the Field ops shell for the DevTerm but you’ll need to sand the ID of it to fit the DevTerm - it’s tight and it slightly bows the devTerm which causes the pogo pins to loose connection - and you loose the keyboard/mouse… I’ve had to remove mine till I can sand it during Christmas break…

Doesn’t seem to have done any harm, it’s happily downloading updates! Glad this seems to have already helped someone haha, just to be extremely clear - the bottom of a board TO ME is the one with edge connectors. Your text should be upside down given the edge connector is considered the bottom of the adapter!

Merry Christmas yourself, glad to hear you’re still enjoying the older model! I’m considering grabbing an R-01, but it would be purely voyeuristic haha.

Glad you like the DevTerm - the housing is model airplane type plastic - the Field Ops Shell makes it STURDY - but again I’ve had to remove till I can sand - it makes it much easier to hold and use but I had issues with opening the printer expansion port so I threaded a M3 screw into the flap. Also I worked out how to print to an external thermal printer so my fear of the printer dying is gone - you will need a thermal printer cleaning pen if you use it much… Enjoy!

If you line up the holes in the CM4 with the holes on the adapter board it should mount that way. They could add something to the instructions, but probably won’t. Mine came with the CM4 and adapter board but there was no mention of that configuration in the manual, and the pictures don’t match either, but having converted an R01 uConsole to CM4+adapter board a few months ago, I figured it out.

Thanks so much for sharing this info! You saved me so much trouble and headache, thank you thank you

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