DevTerm CM4-Lite Not Booting

Just received my DevTerm CM4-Lite 4GB model today (

Assembly went fine, I could detect no issues or damages. I have the batteries fully charged and also plugged in 5v USB-C charger.

When turning the unit on the green power indicator is on and the screen flashes for a moment (think backlight kicking on momentarily but no boot screen/data displayed)

I have left turned on several times for over 20 minutes and nothing happens.

I have tried flashing the CM4 OS 64bit v0.1a to the provided SD card from the downloads page

I have also tried flashing the CM OS 64bit v0.2b to the SD card found on the forums here Keeping DevTerm A06 up to date - #6 by guu

I am unsure what else I should try or if I should just reach out for customer support/troubleshooting at this point.

Any insights appreciated.

I have now also:

  1. Carefully disconnected and reconnected all the components
  2. Tried a different SD card
  3. Attempted to plug the micro HDMI to HDMI into a display to see if I can see anything to show up there and I do not.
  4. Shined a flashlight onto the screen just in case to see if its a screen problem, couldn’t see anything displayed with a flashlight.

I found this forum post (I need help getting my DevTerm CM4 to boot - #13 by nathanbibb) which had reported similar issues but none of my attempts at anything on there have resulted in getting anything to show up on the screen. Anyone dealt with this kind of issue recently and has some solutions to try?

is the cm4 board plugged in properly ? another user reported the board can be inserted backwards.

see this forum:

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Ah, yes ty for checking on that. I should have mentioned I have confirmed that the CM4 board is properly seated onto the adapter board, screw holes are aligned and its fully clicked in.

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