Concerning speakers



I’ve received the New GameShell and has it set up running. But someone doubted that the facing of speaker module is wrong on the assembly guide. According to that guide, the blurred side of speaker module face the holes on the front shell, which causing the metal sound-making side of speaker facing the opposite direction to the holes on the front shell. Is that intended or it’s a mistake?

Thanks for bringing us fun!


I think the speaker hole should be on the front


I am not a sound engineer but I believe thats intended. They are using the case as an amplifier.

I have seen that in Desktop speakers too. For example try putting your phone in a glass, the sound gets amplified :smile:


You mean the speaker is not supposed to be facing towards the back?


Weird. I assembled it like this.

No idea if this is correct. At least, not anymore.



Yes I think it makes sense.


i put it backwards …the speakers facing the backplate. It seems strange to me as well.


Its common to use the case for acustics


The instructions are correct. The holes should face towards the back and the clockwork logo towards the front. Not like in your photo. But turning around the speaker module is easy. I tested the orientation of the speakers by playing back a stereo test file.