Speakers Not Working


I recently put together my gameshell. Everything works great except for the speakers. I have validated they are set up correctly multiple times, tried unplugging/replugging the cable multiple times to no success. I think that these came defective as I just received my kit yesterday and did not appear to damage these pieces as I assembled. Is there a way to please get replacement working parts for the audio?


Does this thread shed any additional light?

Hi, Veronica here. I’m a member of the dev. team.
I see you’ve tried every thing you could to rescue your baby GameShell.
Now it’s time for us to do some thing to bring it back.
Please send an e-mail (include your order number, the problem, and an shipping info) to help@clockworkpi.com.
We’ll send you replacement.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

You may have put your speaker the wrong way in the box.

It’s easy to place them in the wrong way. Have you checked that they are correctly placed?

Yes -

So the sticky side is facing the outside of the box so it sticks in the correct slot and the prongs are making contact with the sensors on the board. I confirmed this installation via a couple of videos and have tried rotating the speakers clockwise a couple of times to see if this makes a difference and it did not. I am concerned I received a faulty cord or the actual speakers are faulty. I noticed the cord was bent in the package and am not sure if this could have damaged it.