Confirmation when pressing menu button

Could we get a confirmation panel when pressing the menu button in a game. A couple times I’ve pressed it by accident and I haven’t saved my game so it deleted my progress as it goes straight back to the menu

In RetroArch, under Input settings, change the key that "Quit"s RetroArch from return (which corresponds to the Menu button) to backspace (which is Shift+Menu button). That’s what I did :slight_smile:

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same. i swapped the RetroArch menu with the exit so its just menu for the retroarch and SHIFT+MENU to exit.

right i’m p stupid and i’ve messed up.

  1. i’ve changed the quit retroarch to ‘a’ on the gameshell’s button so i can’t actually access anything.

  2. I’ve downloaded retroarch on my pc but i dont know how to use it with the gameshell to reprogram buttons

thank you

You can use this script to reconfigure your retroarch

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