How do i disable RetroArch menu

How do i get rid of the RetroArch menu in games? I want the menu button to take me to the home screen when i press it, just like how cavestory was before setting up RetroArch. Also do i even need RetroArch? Is there a way to add roms without RetroArch? Thanks

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You need an emulator to be able to play your games, retroarch is the repository/shell for the emulators to run, so it is needed. Perhaps it can be set up like with Cavestory to be more “invisible” but I think this has to do with the hot-key binds setup (exiting to retroarch menu enabling config save or an hard exit to the launcher). Perhaps fr500 or somebody else can shine his/her light on this as i am not a retroarch expert. I did see some people trying to setup retropie on gameshell, which has a more user friendly intrerface but i am not sure if it is working properly yet and if there are any tutorials to set it up.

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Thank you. Much appreciated Wizz.

Well could you explain to me something? Cause im confused about it. Did you play cave story before setting up RetroArch, how is it that it worked without it? Thanks

Errrrr, I do not recall, but I have a fresh sd card with the image flashed. Will try tonight

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As Wizz assumed, you can customize this in the RetroArch settings. Open RetroArch and go to “Settings > Input > Input Hotkey Binds”. Then look for “Quit RetroArch”, activate it and press the key you want to assign to this action (in your case, the “Menu” key). There is another item called “Menu toggle”, I would suggest you set this to something like “Shift” + “Menu” in case you want to access the menu from inside the game after all (eg. for saving the state of games that don’t support saving).

Happy gaming!

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Thank you Oknos! Much appreciated.