CPIGS-Tool for easy launcher configuration

Hi all,

let me present the CPIGS-Tool to you, making configuration of the GameShell launcher more easy!
You can find the tool on git. Just follow the instructions to install it.
At the moment, devilutionX, moonlight and retroArch are supported.

In essence, the tool makes it easy to acquire said software and run it from the launcher:
I made it so I can quickly have icons in the launcher of the games I enjoy most, without fiddling with settings and stuff. It also supports the most recent software versions in contrast to the repositories.

So now you can enjoy some devil hunting:

Or artifact searching:

Or anything your gaming PC provides:

from the GameShell.
I developed it with the Armbian build from @uberlinuxguy, so maybe something is missing if you use the other images.

Let me know of your comments, ideas and improvements.


OK Idea but doesn’t seem that easy to me, to create shortcuts for games… looks like you have to know some coding just to make a shortcut

@wayfarer, I try to simplify the overall process of getting an up-to-date retroarch, devilution or moonlight. Unfortunately, some console work is involved there, that is true.
Let me know what steps are most troubling for you so I can try to find an easier solution or better description :slight_smile: