Crackling sound issues

I am currently on 1.23. No matter the settings in Retroarch, the sound emulation seems to be far from perfect. I get a lot of crackling sounds and lag issues. I tried to lower the audio latency in the settings to 96 like someone already suggested, but it didn’t change much. I get issues especially on MAME 2003 plus. Also MGBA has issues with many games, and snes9x. Any suggestions?

Game tested:

  • Galaga '88 (MAME 2003 plus)
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (MGBA)
  • F-Zero (snes9x)

Setting the latency to 128 fixed that issue for me, also it didnt work very well with the retroarch the shell shipped with I recommend following this guide RetroArch Megathread to get an updated version, there are also some better cores that are more optimized for the gameshell

I tried 128 too, it doesn’t solve the problem. I think you are right, I need to change the cores that I use. It would be nice to have a guide with the best cores for each system.

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For example, I just tried to replace NESTOPIA with QuickNES and it works better, with much more compatibility and no sound issues.

Someone is working on a write up how to get everything working correctly, but it will be a little bit

im having the same issue w/ the MAME 2003 core as well. How do you change the core so that these roms can run on FBA instead?

You have to delete the 2003 core and add another core: there is a tutorial that you can follow in this forum, is very helpful. Right now I am using mame2000 for classic arcade and works OK, I still have not tried the FBA cores.