Custom Music player with a cassette player interface

I wanna make a simple music player with codeacs probably taken from vlc player but with a simple interface of a cassette tape spining round and round… Like this imagesimages

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In fact, we try to re-enact this visual image, unfortunately it is not finished yet, because we didn’t have time at that time, you know what I mean.

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I mean can someone guide me the basics to get into the pygame to change the actions using python? I’m a complete noob, I wanna learn from scratch, what should I do? I tried looking at launcher>music player> mpd spectrum but it looks like it’s running on pygame, what should I do, im as blind as a bat, someone please point me to some direction

So instead of using a spectrum
I was thinking of making a gif stop and move of the tape going round and round when played

With the self. Time = label below20180730_161225

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Saw the code in the music player lol… When will it be released?

Just curious: I recognize the second image as recording to track two on an OP-1, but … what is the first image? It looks very OP-1 but I don’t recognize it as anything I’ve come across in OP-1 usage?! :flushed:

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Yup its all from the op1

cool mate, any progress so far?