Delivery Issues

I work for a major semiconductor company, unfortunately their have been massive issues with component shortages throughout 2021 and this will continue into 2022. This issue is seen across the board from MCU, Power, Memory, connectors and passives. Believe me that something as simple as a connector can hand the production process, just about every manufacturer of electronic equipment is impacted. I mention this because the team at ClockworkPI must be pulling their hair out at the moment. They are also going to be way down the list of priorities with respect to being able to get hold of components. The big players are going to take the share as they always will. I have a number of units on order however just going to have to wait in the queue and my units will hopefully turn up eventually. Let’s cut these guys some slack, I know that their communication is not the best at relaying the current status however sure they are also feeling the pain here.