Slow delivery of replacement parts?

Got my son a Gameshell for Christmas 2019. It came w/o the Micro SD card; it also lacked the speaker part.

I wrote support a day or two after Christmas, and 57 days later I still don’t have the part.

I also bought a new part, separate transaction, Jan 17th (4 weeks ago) and don’t have any indication of a shipment beyond the initial order receipt.

Anyone else experiencing such slow shipments for parts?

Did you get a reply?

Currently things are not going well with the corona virus outbreak, it affected most industries, for example the travel industry had a -20% revenue hit.

Anyway if you didn´t get any reply back let us know and we can raise it to the clockwork staff :blush:

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Yes, I did get replies. Most have referred to delays from the Chinese Spring Festival - but it seems odd for that still to be the reason this far out.

Sorry for the delay. Our logistics have just been restored due to the impacts of the Chinese New Year holidays and the Coronavirus outbreak. Your replacement parts will be shipped this week.

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