DevTerm Production Status Update

Dear DevTerm friends and community members,

During the past few months in this pandemic time, we have been trying very hard to bring DevTerm to you as scheduled, now all of our designs have been finalized and submitted to manufacturers for production, we would like to make an announcement about our current progress, and unfortunately, an estimated 6-8 weeks delay in delivery primarily due to shortage of some chips according to our manufacturing partners.

Current Status:

  • All parts (PCBs and Case) are now in the factory for production, we will keep posting production progress as soon as we receive updates from our manufacturers in the coming months.
  • All PCB schematics, keyboard firmware, printer driver have been released in ClockworkPi GitHub account, OS system image is currently still in optimization, will be available for download before shipment.
  • All 3D models will be available for download next week.
  • Please contact us ( if you need to change your shipping address by the end of April. Orders received after April 30th will have to be shipped 45 days after the first batch shipment.


  • Global IC shortage caused at least 4-6 weeks extra supplier lead time for some of our component chips, if only we could manage to secure the supplies, not to mention the dramatic price hikes up to 300%-500%, these unexpected changes cost us more time in coordinating the supply chain.
  • We also made a mistake in underestimating the complexity of the keyboard and the production time of the keyboard mold, which will take at least 30 days more than expected.

We are very sorry for the delay, our current estimated shipping will be in early June. Your support and patience are sincerely appreciated. The last thing we would want to see is any compromises in the quality of production, therefore we will be closely monitoring the manufacturing process to perfection, and keeping you posted until DevTerm reaches your hands.

Clockwork Team
March 2021


Thanks a lot for the update :slight_smile:

can’t wait to check those out!

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That’ll do a lot to help tide me over until they ship. I’m looking to put a touch screen over the display and having a model would let me do a lot of work before I even get the device.



For sure!! Can’t seem to figure out how to quote in this forum.

The delay might not be a completely bad thing as the dev team get more time to tweak the tiny keyboard

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Thanks for the update! I’m anxious, but for quality, I don’t mind the wait.

Thanks for the update. Hope we can see a demo video soon?

yeah, i’ll post my demo as soon as i get mine


Thank you very much for letting us know!

When will gameshell be back?

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But now that even the new baby is delayed to June, the GameShell upgrade probably will not show up in the first half of 2021 :frowning:

the only thing im in control of is myself. Not for lack of trying but im just not good at dying… soooooooo… while i wait, why not do my best to enjoy what i have?


So, look. Totally get it. It’s a tough time for everybody. People here absolutely understand.

But, at the same time, y’all presumably knew about this before this last week. Please just communicate to your investors. Dropping a “LOL JUST KIDDING JUNE” message three days before your April ship date is not ideal.


I understand that the shipping of DevTerm has been delayed for a variety of reasons. There is always the unexpected.
For those of us who have paid up and are patiently waiting, please make us happy by showing us a demo video with a working prototype that you have.

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please make us happy by showing us a demo video with a working prototype that you have.

I don’t think it’s even that far along. The most recent update on IG was a delivery of PCB’s. The keyboard had complications with production. It doesn’t sound like there is even a working assembled unit yet. Seems like the clockwork team is sharing everything they have! And honestly, we probably won’t see a working model until everything is ready to ship out.

All 3D models will be available for download next week

^ We’ve got this to look forward to this week! I’m pretty excited about that.


Get hyped. 10 cool points to the first person to 3D print this.

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YES! This is great!

I’m gonna get started on collecting dimensions. So far the main thing everyone has been wonder is the total width. Looks like 200mm as estimated! And the keys are about 12mm in width.


I’m quite a late backer - I didnt pre-order until April. But wondering whether there is an update @yong as I am guessing this should be shipping in approx 3 weeks. Is everything still on track?

I love that things are a little more relaxed here - refreshing coming from an IGG project I am backing where everybody has a fit if there are not twice daily updates.


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