DevTerm A0604 Performance Comparisons

hey! in doing a bit of research it seems this model of DevTerm is similar to a RockPi4/RK3399-based machine. in the interest of figuring out more about its capabilities, would anyone happen to have any experience with general performance of these types of units? what the GPU can do, what kinds of programs serve as good benchmarks, all these things would be interesting to discuss.


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this is the equivalent of linking to a google search for “games” when someone asks you what you’ve been playing recently


I’m guilty of playing currently popular games myself so that search might be accurate.

Back to your question, the A0604 will beat a raspberry pi 4 by some but not by a huge amount. So think of it that way.

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What about other cpus that DevTerm offer?

how do you figure that when the A0604 has a total of 6 cores with a mali-t gpu? the only thing better about the pi4 is the LPDDR4 ram.

ARM64-bit Dual-core Cortex-A72
ARM64-bit Quad-core Cortex-A53


Google results for “games”:

  1. Cool math games
  2. Maths games; puzzle, number, strategy logic
  3. Free kids games
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Either google is profiling me as a 10 year old, or that’s actually what the current trending games are.

Back onto topic. Just like the answer 42, we should be asking the right question. What are we wanting to be comparing performance for? I’m not sure how many people would be using the devterm as a gaming device. If they are, then they just spend a lot of money on something that has far greater potential; and they could have gotten something that is a dedicated gaming machine for far cheaper.

Purely going by memory, I thought the A604 shared the same chip as rpi4; so like @qqMajiKpp mentioned above, it would be the difference in RAM that distinguishes them. Also, the GPUs are different. Performance aside and again from memory (I should be at work), driver support will be better for the Mali GPU of the devterm, vs the videocore GPU of the rpi4.


i wonder how the extra 2 cores would affect the various processes found in pentesting kits…

I can probably share some links here that finally made me go with an A0604 model after long consideration:

TLDR: The A72 is apparently way more performant and power-efficient than the A53, and in fact the recommended configuration is to pair an A72 with some A53 cores. As always of course, careful with what is compared in those articles, some reference the A72 to an A57 which is not at all the same as an A53. But seeing some of the numbers, and assuming a device like the DevTerm will reduce CPU frequency for power saving when not used, and considering in addition that the most power-hungry part is probably the display anyway, I feel much more comfortable going with the A0604.


the khandas vim 3 did this, too, apparently to get hexa-core. I was reading about while looking into arch support.

upon further research in to this specific configuration has brought me the following:
These all seem to follow the same pattern as the DT:

I found this about some low level stuff involving gcc-aarch64* that seemed useful:

Debian, Ubuntu and Arch seem to be the only ones that offer aarch64 as far as I can tell?


I just got confirmation form CPi that that A06 modules incorporate the RK3399 SOC.
We have official specs now. Debian arm64 images should work to get 64bit and big.LITTLE working. especially considering that the CWOS will likely be armhf

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