DevTerm Boot to desktop failure

Ive just assembled and run up my new DevTerm with the AO4 core. Im getting problems with the boot sequence every other reboot where the transition from the console boot notification messages to the desktop happens. When this happens, and its about 3 out of every 4 boots, the display turns black and doesn’t respond to the keyboard, or attempts to switch back to the console with FN-CTRL-ALT-F1/2/3 etc

I can still ssh remotely in a headless configuration but no matter of coaxing brings the display back. Ive tried to restart GDM3, Stop GDM3 and start lightdm, or run Xorg directly. None of these work.
I’ve attempted to plug in an external keyboard and mouse and that doesn’t help either.
I removed the EXT module, the keyboard, and reconnected the screen connector from both ends… still no luck
I’ve attempted to apply all available updates through apt update/upgrade/dist-upgrade

I am also getting USB3- device 1-5 enumeration errors in dmesg and the boot console.

Starting to think I have mainboard/A04 board hardware faults… or the firmware is flakey

Assistance required.

Remove & reinstall the core module too. Make sure all the golden fingers are clean.

Yea, tried that, will try again. Since it does boot, every time and it seems just to be the display, is there a way to reinitialise the display if this happens? I get the text mode console, every boot, thats working fine it appears to be a software/driver issue. Is the ambian OS still being updated?

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