Sporadic boot problems

I have an A04 one that was unused for a few months; I have issues now with booting - the backlight comes on but screen is blank. The USB seems to connect as a keyboard would switch capslock etc.

I reflashed the 02h firmware/kernel and it worked for a few hours last week, but seems to have regressed again now to a blank screen again. Not sure if it’s a SD card issue or a power supply one. Anyone had similar?

The orange led doesn’t seem to come on either when plugged into a usb-c power supply.

Charging only happens when the OS boots far enough to allow it to happen. I’d use a different sd card and see if it works better.

I’ve tried three, what class does it need to be?

Class 10 is fine but slow. I put in a Sandisk high endurance 256gb V30 rated card, I haven’t run a speed test, but it is decently fast. I’m fairly sure the card is faster than the reader. With some of the ram tweaks in the latest release of Armbian for Devterm it seems fast compared to the stock supplied card. Only cost me $26usd which I thought was reasonable for this computer.

Reports I’ve seen from the few people that can solder BGA chips, soldering down an emmc speeds things up a lot. Wish they had put headers on the core module so we could have snapped in faster storage. Maybe they will make a new core module with an upgraded processor and the emmc connectors.

Sorry, I just noticed you said A04, not as much support out there. Mine is the a06.

Ok, looks like the screen “wakes” when I move the mouse so I assume it’s a display problem- I’ve tried reseating the cable but no success; unfortunately hdmi out isn’t working on the A04 core IIRC?