DevTerm CM4 won't boot, first time booting

Hello there, just received my DevTerm CM4 and I’m having some problem booting it up for the first time. The machine works, as I see a green led, but the display is blank and won’t show anything no matter how much time I give it. I’ve put two 18650 9800mah batteries and they aren’t fully charged but that shouldn’t matter, should it? What could be happening?

Thanks in advance for any help

is your CM4 a model with eMMC or a “Lite” with no eMMC?


It’s the default CM4 that comes with the DevTerm if you buy the CM4 version, so I guess it’s lite. But even if it was, the DevTerm has a flashed SD card installed by me so that shouldn’t be a problem?

However I’ve read in this forum that the DevTerm requires fully charged batteries for a first boot - given that mine weren’t, I suppose that’s the problem. I’ve ordered some new ones already and I hope that’s the issue - the DevTerm seems to “work” fine besides not booting.

okay. let us know what you find out. the problem for me was that my CM4 I had previously (an 8GB / 32GB eMMC model) was basically jumping the SD card slot out. it can’t be used with an eMMC Pi, so you have to write the image directly to the CM4’s eMMC. but it was failing to work in exactly the same way yours is – powers on fine, sits there with a black screen and does nothing.

If you think the batteries are your root cause have you tried starting while the devterm is connected to power via USB-C? If it boots in that scenario it would be stronger evidence that the batteries are at fault.

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Hi everyone, I figured it out some days ago. Thought about saying it in case anyone else has the same problem and has found this post.

It was both a battery problem and an SD one - please check if your batteries are 100% charged and in good condition, and be sure to use the official CM4 iso and burn it with BalenaEtcher. After that, wait a few seconds and it should be working!