DevTerm is overpriced?

I adore the aesthetic of the DevTerm, but for a glorified raspberry pi case, isn’t it very overpriced?

For my point of view, Devterm is quite worth it , I am not using as a raspberry pi case , I looking for a device for embedded linux learning . A04 A06 and R1 are very good linux board which are supported by Armbian build root Yocto projects .


We lauched the DevTerm at the end of 2021. It was a time that the price of almost every kind of electrical component was at the peak. We had to purchase some components for much higher price, some even more than 50 times. So the cost was so high that we had to raise the price of DevTerm kits. And even for that price, the supply chain was still unstable. We had to delay some batches as you might have heard from the community.
Good news is, according to our suppliers, the market is going to be stabilized in short, so we expect the cost to be lower as it is now. When it happens, we will lower the price of DevTerms.


In a sense, yes. In a sense, no. The bit that really bugged me was getting suddenly slapped with a £60 customs fee which I didn’t expect and hadn’t been warned about - and which I couldn’t afford. I had to borrow money to pay for it. That was a complete piss-take, even if it isn’t strictly CPI’s fault.

Besides being totally normal, it’s literally in their FAQ:

  • Do I have to pay any taxes when I purchase GameShell?

    • Tax policies vary from country to country. In some cases, customs or government departments may collect taxes. The specific amount depends on the tax rate in the place of receipt. Note: Users in Greece and Brazil may be required to pay especially high taxes.

Does this mean development of new CPU boards (like x86) can go ahead, as has been suggested? I’d be more than happy to pay for a new board with a Zen core and an on-board eMMC. Something with plenty of storage and an actual sleep mode.

This is precisely why I bought the DevTerm. I’ve been using Linux for a lot of years but only on the front end. I’m here for Linux learning and game emulation.

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Does debian (or similar os) run out of box, just fine on R1, with all peripherals supported? Network, sd, usb, etc?

I got an OX64 riscv SBC, but nothing works or has drivers at the moment: no wifi, no network, no sd, nothing. I do not want to get caught out again.

Support for RISC-V for linux is still really early at the moment. There is not a lot of RISC-V SoC on the market that are powerful enough to run linux properly and the D1 is one of the cheapest/least powerful on that aspect.

Ubuntu recently released support for other board with the D1: