DevTerm keyboard has some keys with strange slimy feeling for pressing

For the center of the keyboard, the touch feeling is good. You could get a clear response when the key is pressed, and the screen shows what you have pressed.

For the margin of the keyboard, some key has a really slimy touch response. I do not really know whether it is pressed and send the keypress to the system.

Can I ask do you have the same situation, or if there is any method to fix it ?

I have checked if there is something stuck under the key case/keyboard, but I cannot find anything wrong. I also compare a normal key with a slimy key, but I cannot find if there is any difference (I am not familiar with hardware, maybe I have omitted something).

People have suggested loosening the screws on the back of the keyboard component nearest the keys that have that “slimy” feel in order to improve their responsiveness. I have had the ones on my keyboard loosened for a while and it does improve them. Search around a bit and you should hopefully be able to find one of those posts.

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I remeber about writting the “War and Peace” so I found it easily


What have you been doing on the devterm stepbro :flushed: