DevTerm minimum >operational< battery supply voltage requirement for A06?

This is a bit of an extension of little things I’m observing with the operation of my A06. I’ve noticed that when my batteries drop below 4V (around when DevTerm’s power management shows 50 ~ 53% battery left), it seems the DevTerm goes black (this is separate from the display sleep issue I talked about on a separate post). Until I charge up the batteries a bit, the DevTerm will not boot back up.

I should mention when this occurred I had all cores enabled and was running in high performance mode (allowing full speed on all cores).

Was the DevTerm’s behavior correlated to a sudden voltage drop? If so, any reason why the power management service is reporting 50% ± battery left but it be too low to supply enough power to the CPU? Crappy batteries? They’re “BXE” branded I got off Amazon, rated at 3000mAh and full discharge/recharge cycles show them to be within 10% of that claim (lowest can take about 2700). They show 4.2V+ when fully charged.

I’ve definitely run into the same issues, and my workaround so far has been to stay tethered to a good USB-C charger with a pair of fully-charged batteries, which seems to buffer out voltage drops. FWIW, I don’t think my fully-charged batteries are putting out as much as 4.2V, and my DevTerm is super unstable when running full-tilt.

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I’ve been doing the same when on 5th or 6th gear. I did discover my batteries, despite being capable of storing close to their capacity claims, have extremely high resistance (90 ~ 110 milli ohms). I’m beginning to suspect the issue is one of sudden high current draw not being a possibility with these.

I’ll be hunting for some quality 18650s (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic) to see if they fare better.

In the meantime, whenever I’m running updates or installing anything, I run a conservative CPU arrangement to avoid mid-install crashes, which could lead to file system corruption.

I’ve reached a point where I only run at max speed 4 if the unit is on batteries. I’m seeing the same issues everyone else is seeing on this thread.