Devterm A06 system crashes

from one moment to the other the system crashes. I was able to repeat it after restarting the devterm (only through giving it some juice/ on off button >almost no reaction) …it crashed again. (in the meantime several times)

Do you have any ideas what could trigger the process?

I would type into the console journalctl and look around. Usually pretty enlightening.

The machine is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations - if you used the a06 gear shift, that could be it, could also be batteries.

Mine will crash when I have less than 60% (as reported by the system) when I try to print, and will shutdown sporadically. I’m trying different batteries to see if I can get more reliable behavior. To test this theory run it plugged in with a USB-C charger that can put a good amount of consistent power (not battery pack). If it’s stable then you know…

thank you for your help…h6y3 as described… it is stable when plugged with the usb c charger, but crashes without the charger (at~ 46 % ; 38%; 24%). I don’t know what the gear shift is… But it crashes without explicit activity… sometimes when using firefox, sometimes by watching videomaterial via browser or using a messenger… No heavy load. The batterys are high quality XTAR 18650 3500mAh 3,6V - 3,7V Li-Ion- Cells (protected). They are a bit thick to close the battery compartment but should not be the issue as I understand.

I’ve been running my A06 with external HDMI video both on battery and with external power - could this be heat related? Mine gets warm after prolonged use. Good advice to use eternal power when printing - I may go for a Bluetooth thermal printer rather than use the the one onboard.