DevTerm: segfaults for web browsers and apt

Hi everyone,

My devterm just arrived yesterday (yay!).

When I try and run apt upgrade from a terminal it crashes out with a Segfault. When I try to use firefox (I tried running it from the command line to see what was going on) it says “Exiting due to channel error. Segmentation fault.”.

Is there some newbie procedure that I’m missing to get the devterm working properly? I’m getting similar behaviours for all the pre-installed browsers.

I’m a CM3 user, and I believe there is no particular steps to get DT working.
Re-writing OS image could be helpful? If the problem still occur, it could be possible SDcard is damaged.

I tried updating to the latest A06 image on a brand new SD card; doesn’t fix the problem unfortunately.

so if you re-flash SD card with stock A06 os image ,

browsers can work as normally ,right ?

and after a failed apt upgrade, things getting strange ,right ?

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