How hard to create a GS Launcher?

My main Job is web dev for much year.
So I’m interesting how hard to write a GS Launcher?

it’s simple for a web dev, but the hard part would be the performance if you use web tools to write a launcher, like nodejs, webkit …


If i want a better performance and low battery usage, which language is suggest?
SDL C++?
Or something else?

I think gtk is better

I see the DevTerm, I’m interest what tech stack it choose? GTK or Python + SDL?

DevTerm will use the original linux desktop , and because its powerful hardware, any stack will be ok

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After half day of dig, I found this Dingux Commander: File browser/manager
It’s a real good template for write Cpp app with SDL or GTK or anything else on GS.
And may possible to run in DevTerm.
I can’t wait to forge something.

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I can kill desktop environment in process / uninstall DE or even write my own DE?
Launcher is just highly custom SDL GUI soft for GS, without window manager & task manager. I can install DE on GS ??
Always use linux to host web server & never know how it work or made.

GS has window manager of course, first was TWM, now I remember correctly,it’s dwm

for the historical reason, we have to switch to dwm because at that time there is no “stable” GPU driver for other window managers

since os v0.5 I think other WM will work too

and as the small screen of GS, Tiling Window Managers would be better, those can remove title bar, extremely lightweight, low memory cost

This is looking more simpler.
I feel confuse, and just checked lxpanel source code. It’s like a GTK app with bunch of panels.
Should i keep dig DWM or dig Lxpanel?

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Do whatever you like
it’s free software


Try to make some concept UI design.
I think I’m not a good programmer & not a good UX designer LOL.
But it is still fun. Just like re-design a game console OS or make new one.


concept UI design . looks really great

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The most important, as long as you are not making it “professionally” is to have fun!