What is the System showed in DevTerm Official Introduction Page

I am wondering which desktop environment or window manager is used here, in the official introduction page of DevTerm.

I have searched online for some articles and it suggest that twm is used, but it is not that similar to the picture.

Can I ask how to customize my devterm to the environment showed in that picture ?

it is twm
all the config files are in os images, like R01 os

here is the R01 twm config files

wget https://github.com/clockworkpi/DevTerm/blob/main/Code/R01/d1_twm.tar.bz2?raw=true

tar xpjfv d1_twm.tar.bz2 -C /home/cpi

chown -R cpi:cpi /home/cpi

Hi guu. Thank you for your command and solution.

I have download and config the twm, and also download the config file.

But the effect is still not what showed in the window. Should I change the desktop environment (or its configuation) also, from xfce to another one ? I have create new account, and decompress the file here.

(Also, I found that after install twm, sometimes the screen become too dark, and I need command like sudo bash -c "echo 5 > /sys/class/backlight/backlight@0/brightness" to change it back)

(By the way there is really not so many options available in the settings manager page)

yes twm is a very old window manager ,it does not control backlight like modem WM do,eg xfce

and I dont know what effect showed up on your PC or DT

Thank you.

I reboot several times and now I cannot specify where is the problem. Sometimes, the screen become dark during the startup process (before the desktop shows).

Currently I use ClockworkOS v0.2 for A06, and updated and upgraded all.

Now this brightness problem is solved… And also my twm starts working well…

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