DHL tracking since 22 januari and still no movement


they send me a tracking number of my order since 22 januari but the tracking is still not moving.
Is this normal after more thern a week?

FedEx tracking has shown update today, DHL should see updates very soon, too.
Because of the Chinese New Year holiday, both the Customs and shipping company took much more time than usual.


yup and still no movement today comon guys this is not serioes, i received the tracking number on 22 januari until today nothing

they say you should see updates today or very soon!!
They tell me that for over more then a week now.

im gonna do a youtube movie

After a week of no progress mine is now showing up an estimated delivery on feb 4.

Are you waiting for FedEx or DHL? FedEx packages showed some progress, DHL not. I have a DHL package and no update until now.

Mine is a dhl shipment

My DHL order took 9-10 days to change from nothing to “Shipment picked up”. I ordered mine at 3rd of December and got the tracking number at 23rd of January.

When it’s processed at Hong Kong the delivery should go fast, but as it seems for my experience it’s not exempt of additional costs (custom fees).

Just be patient and prepare the wallet.