2019 orders shipping date

The website still displays the message:

Due to holidays,
we will start shipping after February 15, 2019.

I ordered my GameShell on January 29th (Order No. 11408) but I haven’t received any news since then. Is there an update on the shipping status after the Chinese holidays?


Same here, sent them a question on their Facebook page but have not heard back. Order # 11425

Got the following answer by email:

We just got back from the Chinese New Year holidays. We are starting to new shipment this week. Tracking number will be sent to you when your package is shipped.

Thanks for your support and patience.


The same for here:

We just got back from the Chinese New Year holidays. We are starting to new shipment this week. Tracking number will be sent to you when your package is shipped.

Thanks for your support and patience.

Note: I bought in 12 feb.

I know that you just got back from holiday, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to change your website to reflect that your back and are going to start shipping soon. It reflects poorly on you and makes us who bought units antsy knowing that your back but not doing anything about shipping our units to us.

Thanks for this post. I was getting antsy myself, so it’s good to hear an update, even second-hand.

Not upset in the least, just stoked to get my GameShell!

Thanks for the info, I was also wondering if we would get an update soon.

I ordered mine in the beginning of February. Order # 11475

Thanks for the post, I ordered mine the 8th of february, i’ll post again when i’ll receive the email about the shipping.

Order No. 11510

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Well I got an email saying that they sent it to the shipping carrier but they didn’t give me a tracking number so I’m taking that with a grain of salt order #11425

Ordered mine February 1st and still haven’t heard anything

I ordered mine in January

Just a heads-up for the German folks here, I received this today:

We are about to send your GameShell this week, however, our shipping company need your tax id (VAT or EORI) to make the Custom processing faster for FedEx/DHL to ship to Germany.

Please provide your Tax ID if possible. It’s optional.


I don’t have VAT or EORI because I’m not self-employed or own a business, but @yong said that the steuernummer ID might help so I gave them that.

The GameShell website has been updated to say “Shipped within 15 business days”.

So it no longer says “Shipping after the holidays.” Progress!… ?


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None on my end I ordered in January I contacted them i got a reply 3 days ago that it was “sent to their shipping partner” but they wouldn’t give me any info other than that so I honestly don’t know whether to believe them at this point since I have yet to receive any sort of tracking number. Order #11425 if that helps


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I was just about to say that it was still saying on the website. By now you would think they would have fixed that, honestly has me wondering about when will we actually get our units to be honest. I’m starting to wonder if I waisted my birthday money afterall.

Has ANYONE got a Tracking number at this point in the week? It’s getting close to the end of the promised week of shipping but i haven’t seen anyone say that theirs have shipped yet. @yong this is just bad customer service that you haven’t given us any updates whatsoever except to tell us that you got back from holiday and that they wiil be shipping this week. You really should be somewhat more active to assuage the growing concern that you don’t intend to keep your promise to us about shipping.

You have to consider that they said they would start working on shipping this week. Originally, they stated that shipping would start after the 15th (when they return from holiday). Then once they returned on the 18th, they said they would get started on shipping. They changed their website to now say that products would be shipped within 15 business days. 15 business days after the 18th is March 8th so that is the date we should expect most/all of the orders placed during their break to be shipped.
I’m as impatient as everyone else but I imagine it’s a relatively small team and they have quite a few orders to get through.

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It’s still on the website saying that they will start shipping on the 15th Screenshot_20190222-165519_Chrome

That message is at the bottom of their desktop site but at the top they’ve changed it to “Shipped within 15 business days” in addition to the Shipping Information on all of the product pages to say the same new message.