Did anyone else get screws to hold down the cpu that didn’t fit in the hole?

Just like the title says. Putting together my dev term, when I go to screw down the cpu the screws don’t fit. Anyone else encounter this?

In one other thread someone mentioned that there is a small sticker on top of the two screw holes. If you remove it the screws will fit nicely. Hope this helps you.

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As above: some, but not all, DevTerms have Kapton tape on the two mounting pillars - and the manual doesn’t mention it. It’s easy to see: if the tops of the mounting pillars look yellow or orange, you’ve got Kapton tape on top. Peel them off - it can be a little tricky to lift up the edge, so you might want to pierce it with a small screwdriver and use that to peel it off - and the screws will fit fine.

Mine also came with the kapton tape on the posts. I eventually figured it out, but am just adding my 2c here so others know it’s still happening.

Yep, same here - my A06 board wouldn’t latch until I removed the tape. Had Kapton on the DIP switches under the keyboard, too - a fingernail or razor or similar will lift it right off.