Received wrong M1B core module screws?

Anyone else unable to screw in the M1B part label screws to hold the core module down onto the main board? Does not appear to be the right size or tread. Also, mine are Phillips whereas the diagram shows flat head.

This is on an A06 unit.


False alarm…had to press down with slight force to get the first tread to break through…a bit nerve wrecking! Take caution with the screen on the other side.

A little late for you, but in case anyone else is reading: don’t push down on the screws. Instead, before you install the module, peel the Kapton tape off the top of the spacers. The manual neglects to mention that part.

Once you’ve removed the Kapton tape - that yellowy orange stuff - the screws will go in just fine with zero pressure.


It’s official… I’m blind! I did not realize that was the deterent and I’m glad you posted in here (despite me getting over the hurdle). Definitely much needed advice/warning for anyone else to save you potentially damaging any component.

I was very careful but my approach was still very risky. Thanks you, @ghalfacree !

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Hmm mine didn´t have kapton!