A04 heatsink or pad too thick?

I assembled my A04 last night and today I notice that it doesn’t quite sit flat. I added three rubber feet and that makes it stable of course, but on closer inspection it looks like there’s a slight bulge in the case where the heatsink sits. It seems like maybe the thermal pad is too thick?

I had heard that there was confusion about the heatsink because it’s not in the instructions, but mine came with the heatsink installed, or at least it was sufficiently stuck to the board, and looked to be placed properly, so I did not try to pull it off. I may have a piece of thermal pad here somewhere I can try to replace it with.


I’m experiencing the same thing. Hopefully it doesn’t warp the plastic.

I tried to remove the heatsink to replace the pad with a thinner one I have, but it was stuck on well enough that I didn’t feel safe prying harder. I may be stuck with it as is.