Gameshell shell colour

Out of curiosity, which colour combination for the front and back did you all choose? Personally I went with a red front and gray back, after deliberating for a while. I also thought a white front and blue back, or white front and gray back were interesting looking combinations.

Any 3d printer owners here thinking of making an entirely different combination of colours, or even a different style of case?

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Went for orange back with yellow front, but to be honest that’s was a difficult choice without having all the parts in front of me and try to mix them to see

Went for Yellow front & Grey back.

Wanted Red but the Yellow reminded me too much of the GameBoy that I couldn’t not choose it!

I went for a white front and blue back, with an additional red front (I also got the Lightkey and Lego shell from my pledge). I figured the 4 possible combinations out of those would suit whatever mood I was in (White or Red + Lego + Lightkey for a classic Gameboy feel, White + Blue because it seemed cool, or Red + Blue if I feel particularly colourful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I went with the white front and grey back with an additional Lego shell back for the Lightkey. I like neutral colors (I only wear single colored shirts that are either blue, grey, or black), so this matched up best with me.

I’m not sure what difference it really makes, but I also chose these colors. They looked pretty to me.

White front, blue back, Lego backup

I couldn’t decide, folded, and bought the orange, blue and grey backs with the red and white fronts.

I think I am going to really like the Red and grey, but I wanted to have the other backs handy when I paint the white front shell I ordered.

(15 bucks isn’t too bad to have options/destroy one in the process of a project)

Does anyone know if we can add additional covers to our orders at this point? When I go to manage my pledge it says it’s locked.

As I mentioned in the Survey Reminder thread:

I posted that in response from the latest update from Clockwork that they would be locking down the the pledge manager so that they can begin shipping the product out. (you should also have an email in your inbox of this post as well)

Ah, oh well! Hopefully they’ll get an online parts shop up soon!

While it’s certainly possible that they’ll have a parts shop open, it’s also likely they won’t since Clockwork has already voiced that they will be releasing the STL files that allow us to 3D print more shells (that and selling pieces of plastic on it’s own doesn’t tend to make sense for a company based over seas given the shipping costs).

Unfortunately you make a good point!

Mostly just wanted the proper GameShell logos & whatnot but I’m sure those will be easy to find and print on some clear stickers.

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Well good luck at printing their STL file with a standard FDM printer… it is not impossible but the quality will be really bad

Why do you feel the 3D printed cases would be poor quality?

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Actually aewens is right , the quality depends of the plastic you bought so if you bought the cheapest one its normal that quality will be poor anw i don’t have a lot of knowledge about 3d printers but i think the 3d printing is a great option ;D

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That’s an issue with plastic, but how the shell is designed. This thing has been design for injection mold, not for FDM 3D printing ( and I’m not sure that would work for SLA)

The problem are multiples, but let’s take the front part, you can’t print it from, the middle (there the two part are splitting) to top because of the overhang, you could use support for that, but the quality will suffer a lot.

But you can’t also print it by reversing it, because of the small point on the top surface

The top part put on it’s front on the printing surface in cura:


(the red is surface that overhang and would need support to be correctly printed)

as you can see the main front surface is not flush because of the dots

That is because of the two lines next to the screen and the two dots on the bottom


But there is also another problematic part: the thing on the side to close the shell:


This if we start from the front will also be impossible to print correctly.

The back part have less issue, but there is a major overhang too at the top of the shell, and even the screw will have problem to be printed.

The design itself probably have no problem for injection (even if I find the back to be not have enough support against bending) but for traditional FDM 3D printing, it is not going to work well at all…

I will try to do some change on the STL file to make it 3D printable, but that will not be super easy for the locking mechanism…

With some rafts or supports you can get by most of the issues. If push comes to shove, though, I have done extensive work in CAD and have a 3D printer (but at the moment needs some fine tuning before I can make more prints). I’ll try out the shell once I have the printer back to being calibrated and post the results I get.

Well the shell will not print well and will wrap… the surface is too large and the support does not hold it as much as it need, ive just tried. Surprisingly The locking screw went reasonably well, but can’t say it will workimage

what kind of support did you use, zig zag or tree?
I think a zig zag support would he able to support the design.