Integrating the lightbar into the back panel

i got about 6 hours with medium brightness on 2500 mah

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I’d love to have a modded back like this for my GS, but lack both the tools and the experience. If someone would be willing to write a short tutorial on how to achieve this, that would be fantastic. Having a file for 3D printing such a case would also be an alternative.

Oh yeah this is just EPIC all I need is a dremel and I’m good to go I love it!

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If only I had a dremel and a clue how to use it. :smiley:

Instead of modifying my original case (and possibly breaking it) I had the idea to order a 3D printed one over the internet, so I downloaded the 3D files from CPI and edited them with Blender. I’m no huge Blender pro, so the results are not perfect, but I was able to change it so that the lightkey module should (barely) fit under the audio module.

For anyone with some experience with Blender or STL files OR 3D printing, if you could take a look at the file and tell me if it’s good enough to get the job done, that would be fantastic.

Here’s the link (Dropbox): LightKeyIntegration.stl

If anyone wants to go ahead and do a test-print, go ahead, but please post pictures. :smiley:

Okay, I went ahead and ordered a 3D printed back shell and it actually works. I was a bit nervous that the printed case wouldn’t fit on the official front, but thankfully it does!
Here are some pics. The material feels a bit fuzzy, but apart from that I’m really happy with it. :smiley:

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What material is that? looks amazing

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The material is called “PA12”. I’m not super happy with the texture of the material, but maybe I just have to get used to it. It definitely feels different than the super smooth original back shell. ^^

Oh Nylon 12 I like it, it gives it a retro look. Is it solvable in something? ABS can get smooth with acetone

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Curious about the cost and where you had it done, if you don’t mind sharing a link. That material looks interesting!

It was done by a German company called Rapidobject ( and it cost around 40€ (plus packaging). A little expensive for me but it was the cheapest I could find.


Does the sound bar sit on top of the lightkey now?

How does it feel ergonomic wise?

Yes, that’s correct, it was a narrow fit but now it seems like it was designed to fit at one point. ^^
I have to admit, I haven’t used the lightbar too much yet, but while it feels a little fiddly, I was able to play MegaMan Legends on the PSX emulator just fine.

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Did your case close all the way? I went ahead and 3d printed the part and mine doesn’t close all the way.

Thinking of integrating a latch on the bottom to fix this.

Yes, it closes completely, but at the bottom it doesn’t align perfectly with the front (the back shell had to bend slightly).

I didn’t change any of the dimensions, so it’s probably something your 3D printer caused.

Thanks to the 3D file.
I printed a semi-transparent photosensitive resin material. It cost me about 19€, and if I paint it, I need to spend 38€ more, so I didn’t paint. Fortunately, it looks good.


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As a new user, I can only upload one photo at a time.


That looks very nice and a nice price! Did you order it somewhere to get it printed?

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The 3D printing service provider also supports painting services, but the price is beyond my expectations. I bought this gameshell for a total of 98€.