Difficulty Building/Obtaining Blender 2.79b on A06

I’ve recently received my devterm with the A06 module and I’ve been trying to get a copy of blender 2.79b running on the device, as the default copy of blender provided in the package manager is 3.0.1 and for various reasons would likely not run well on the devterm, if I could even get it to run (by default it crashes because of no opengl support).

For clarification I’ve followed the guide specified here to get my install of ubuntu fully up to date

Has anyone been able to successfully build from source any version of blender on the devterm? Or found any third party repos with a prebuilt 2.79b arm64 version? Any assistance would be appreciated as so far the only way I’m going to get this working seems to be building from source and I keep hitting obscure compiler errors, despite following all the dependency installer steps using the script blender provides.

Nevermind! I’ve found an alternative way to install a copy of 2.79 following this guide here.

and it works!