Unnable to update Armbian / Devterm A06

Hi there!

I just got my new Devterm A06, I’m super excited about it, but one thing that I’m strugling about is the software update. I’ve tried many times to update my OS, I get all the way to actually start updating, and then, out of nowere, the installation just close, without asking me anything, just close and if I open the Software Update again, it will start from zero.
I thought it maybe was a thing that was running in the background, so I let it be for a while and then restasrt it, but no, it still shows me that there’s an update that needs to be made, but I can’t actually make it happens.
Does anyone has experience with this? Something similar happens with the Arduino IDE, I install it using the console, everything seems to be fine, but when I try to open it, it shows me the loading screen, and then close and the Arduino IDE just doesn’t open, like if I didn’t even click on it.
Any advice?

Welcome! Let’s start at the beginning.

  • I really recommend reflashing the OS. You may have done something to already trash it.
  • also, never use armbian-config. Setup wifi via the icon in the panel.
  • open a terminal and run: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade
  • reboot

Also, I believe the arduino IDE may work, but there aren’t compilers for some architectures on arm64, so you can’t actually compile anything - fellow forum users - correct me if I’m wrong on this.

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The GUI updater does the same for me, looks like it’s doing some work, but when it gets to installing it dies. I ended up just running apt-get update & apt-get upgrade from the console to get the updates.


Thank you, this definitely works :raised_hands: