Dingux Commander: File browser/manager



Ported Dingux Commander, a file browser/manager for Dingux platform. With some minor tweaks it runs fine on GameShell.


Original sources: http://beyondds.free.fr/index.php?Dingoo-dinguxcommander and https://github.com/gcwnow/DinguxCommander

DinguxCommander is a file manager for Dingoo A320 (Dingux).
It uses two vertical panels side by side, one being the source and the other the destination, like many ‘commander-style’ file managers such as Norton Commander or Midnight Commander.
DinguxCommander allows to:
o Copy, move and delete multiple files.
o View a file
o Execute a file
o Rename a file/dir
o Create a new directory
o Display disk space used by a list of selected files/dirs
o Display disk information (used, available)

To install on GameShell (OS v0.2), ssh to it and issue:

curl -sL https://github.com/pleft/DinguxCommander/releases/download/v2.1.0-GS.2/DinguxCommander-v2.1.0-GS.2.tar.gz | tar -xvz --directory "/home/cpi/apps/Menu/"

Then reload the UI and navigate the main menu and launch DinguxCommander

Key shortcuts:

UP          // Up
RIGHT       // Right
DOWN        // Down
LEFT        // Left
PAGEUP      // Shift-Select
PAGEDOWN    // Shift-Start
OPEN        // A
PARENT      // B

Github repo: https://github.com/pleft/DinguxCommander


great work. been looking for the file browser, will be handy.


will be included
nice job


how to quit this file browser in GS?
I pressed the menu key ,but no luck


Press Y and select “Quit” from the system menu


Is it hard to change Y to Menu key ?


It is not hard to do it, in fact I had the Menu button mapped instead of Y at first place, however the integrated virtual keyboard of DinguxCommander uses this system button (Menu or Y or whatever is mapped to it) also for backspace and that would lead to pressing the Menu button in order to delete a letter which I found it a little cumbersome for use.

Decoupling this and also maintaining the default behavior when building for other systems e.g. dingoo, gcw0 would take some extra effort.

excerpt from keyboard.cpp

    // Y => Backspace
    l_ret = backspace();

Of course I could just change the mapping and provide the info in the virtual keyboard that backspace is mapped to Menu key. If you find it more practical I can do it.


Updated as per @guu suggested. MENU button opens the system menu and Y as backspace in the virtual keyboard. I will also update the original post


thanks first

your last release was included into new image last night

but I will include you new release again


not sure if this is an error on the button, i try to delete one file in my cpi directory, now all my file got deleted in CPI directory :sob:


Hi @Ed_Lim very sorry to hear that. However there is no delete button, to delete a file or folder first you select it with the up/down keys then press X to show the context menu, then choose delete and finally choose Yes in the confirmation dialog. I tested it many times and it always delete the selected file/folder.

Are you sure that you did select the correct item to delete? Are you sure you were in the correct left/right pane? I mean probably you selected the right file on the left pane then accidentally pressed the right key moved to the right pane and then pressed the X key and deleted something else than the desired. If you followed another procedure to delete the file and ended up deleting the whole folder can you please document it?


All good its not your fault. Its either when i select “delete” i didn’t patient enough to wait the screen refresh, it might have select all file.


how to uninstall it ?


awesome ! ideal for remove duplicated icons after 0.3 update without ssh & co ! i will try it this afternoon :slight_smile:


Prior OS 0.3
just delete the DinguxCommander directory in ~/apps/Menu/

O.S 0.3
just delete the DinguxCommander directory in ~/apps/Menu/60_Utils


true, just found out. But it’s on ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell to be precise. Otherwise, it loaded by default Dingux instead of the menu launcher on my 0.2 device (have to update img soon)