Gameshell - Initial Impressions

I received my gameshell today. Packaging was excellent. I took less then 30 minutes to assemble the unit. It is a solid piece of hardware.

  • I connect the gameshell via sFTP with Filezilla and transfer some test roms and mp3 files. SNES and GBA emulations seems to be OK. But music player did not recognized the mp3. (I put them under /music folder)
  • There is no File Manager app is loaded in the menu. I installed pcmanfm, but I don’t know how to add a shortcut to the main menu.
  • Volume up/down is not working and screen goes darker randomly. I have to manually adjust the brightness.
  • (Fixed) I am used to use A as the main button, B is the default. Is there a way to change button mapping? (button mapping added with v1.2)
  • I am having issues with wifi range. My comparing to Pocketchip (which I don’t have any issue), moving 4-5 meters from my wifi router, I start getting connectivity issues.

I am really happy with my Gameshell. With software improvements it will be my daily driver for gaming.

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They used “mpd” for music player so it’s the same as “mpd” style.

Press “R” switch to the “Music Library” and scan it with “x”, then choose the files you want to add to “Play List”, then press “L” back to “Play List”, “B” for play.

Also, you can upgrade the launcher with “settings -> update”.


Hi there! Thank you for share your first impressions with GS :smiley: Could you please tell us where are you from to get early? Thank you flr your help.


  • no File Manager is the main issues… and I donno how to install other application too.
  • No option to modify the main screen (some kind of sorting the sequence, add the shortcut)
  • Build in MAME seem can not load quite a lot roms… donno how to config it

BTW Volume - & + need to use the Shift + Select and Start button, It work (both on the main screen and ReteoArch)

The main screen (launcher) is a custom python application built on pygame. As far as I understand it does not have options to add extra shortcuts, that would involve updating the python code…

This is a good example:
adding shortcuts may be a lot easier than you think.

I live in Turkey. I received the tracking number on July 7, and gameshell on July 18.

Try me try by my limited coding knowledge…

On the most recent update, you can remap the keys in the “Settings”. The auto dimming is annoying, it has to do with the power settings, from the 1.2 update. Out of the box, when it was on 1.0, it didn’t auto dim. They need to remove that.