Is there an app for BLANK

Ok I thought I would make this for people to talk about applications they would want made for the game shell.

Then others could for me inspiration from these ideas and boom! New GS app.

Is there an app for viewing pdf files? I am still new and learning about all the different things work so a pdf viewer to look at some things might be useful. (I know I could just use my phone or laptop, but a copy of a manual or reference material to look at would be kind of nice.)

I imagine you can get a browser to run on there. My system hasn’t came in yet so I cant verify that sadly. Will be sure to check once it shows up on Tuesday though

I wouldn’t recommend a browser like anything modern. Most websites these days are full of bloat and the browsers are as well due to relatively cheaper RAM/CPU and lazy programmers.

The GameShell is a great system, but it’s a far cry from being a powerhouse. Remember how browsers on most game consoles are barely worth using? The total amount of RAM and CPU resources on the GameShell are roughly equal or less than most modern browsers use.

There are other more direct ways to view PDFs, and I suggest those.

It would be cool to get a discussion about developing apps for various things on the system.

See this thread for PDFs. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it sounds like there’s a solution. :slight_smile:

I just tried this yesterday, and it works quite well! The key mappings from the setup script are also useful. With the 320x240 display, reading anything substantial will be a chore with lots of scrolling, but loading, zooming, and scrolling are nice and fast. That PDF viewer apparently supports ePUB files too, but I haven’t tried it and noticed it wasn’t included in the file associations in the script. Not sure I’d want to read an ebook on the GameShell anyway, but for quick reference or more visual PDFs without lots of small text, it could be handy.

I think a file manager app could be useful. I sometimes notice that e.g. a PSX rom from my library doesn’t work with PCSXe, and I’d like to be able to delete it on the fly without having to boot up the PC.

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There’s already a file manager available that is quite useful. It’s great for renaming as well as deleting, or moving files around.

Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have to give it a try. :+1: